Converting to BAMBOO-V2

Long live BAMBOO V2!

BAMBOO V2 was primary introduced to replace Bamboo V1 tokens patching the bug that caused the issue with the reward payout. As community-based crypto protocol, Pandaswap team decided to listen the community and make some additional changes: i) the Migrator code was removed from the contract and was set a max hard cap at 250M. Last but not least, a new page was introduced to allow users convert their BAMBOO v1 tokens to BAMBOO v2 in an easy and fast way.

Liquidity Migration to BAMBOO v2

New migration features were introduced to the Exchange portal, making the process of withdrawing liquidity from BAMBOO V1 and depositing it into BAMBOO V2 fast and simple. User can access the migration portal through the exchange portal.

In brief, four steps are required to ensure that your Liquidity will migrate to BAMBOO v2:

  • Access Farm V1, and unlock and connect your Wallet
  • Select Menu, then unstake all sBamboo V1 and harvest your earned Bamboo V1 for each pool you did invested
  • Ensure to take a short video in case you get affected by the bug. This will help us reimburse you faster! Check our policy for reimbursement here:
  • Clicking on the BambooV2 link will redirect you to the latest BambooV2 portal.
  • Select Convert to V2 to access the Conversion portal
  • Approve the BambooV2 contract by selecting MAX and then APPROVE
  • Finally convert your BambooV1 tokens to BambooV2 by clicking MAXand then CONVERT

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